A study about stepping into the future with our HC CLOUD services


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HC CENTER - izbira pravilnega strežnika za podjetje

CASE STUDY: using HPE SimpliVity solutions for our HC CLOUD service.

HPE SimpliVity is used in our HC CLOUD service which enables our customers to have their own virtual server environment and data backup. Thanks to the advanced technologies offered by HPE SimpliVity, we can effortlessly create a reliable, secure, and efficient virtual IT environment that suits our customers perfectly.

We decided on this type of infrastructure solution due to the flexibility, great savings of physical space in the data center, and the efficiency of data storage, as it allows us a 10:1 ratio in size between storage and backup of data. These are really surprising results in the present time. The complete system consists of units that are distributed across multiple data centers in Slovenia, with physically separated connections from different providers, thus providing our customers with extremely high security and accessibility to their virtual environment, business data, and applications.

Read the HC Cloud case study that was prepared for you by our global partner HPE. The case study can be found HERE.