We are proud to have been invited to the Slovenian Business Club, which currently comprises 237 above-average Slovenian companies from different lines of business. However, they all share a vision of joint cooperation in Slovenia’s economic and developmental turnaround.

The criteria for joining the club are strict to avoid being involved with business magnates. The members must perform all financial obligations towards their employees and the state. Political neutrality is of vital importance along with the vision to create a positive business environment in Slovenia, nurture friendly relations between members, help one another and promote business models with a high added value. Also important are fostering young talent and encouraging top-quality development in harmony with nature.

Posnetek zaslona 2021 04 28 134021Vir: https://www.sbc.si/

Why have we decided to join the club?

Through the membership we wish to help improve the business climate in Slovenia, maintain good working conditions to offer our clients the best possible service, and produce innovative solutions to quickly adapt to the market. At the same time, we are convinced that the Slovenian Business Club could be the decisive player in cementing honest entrepreneurship as the fundamental value of our society.