During the epidemic, tourism was the most affected by the crisis..

Tourism is one of many that will need a thorough transformation and adaptation to new trends at the end of the epidemic. Digitizalition will play an important role in this, as the needs and the lifestyle of tourists have changed. A generation of tourists equipped with smartphones and laptops expect information in the palm of their hand, anytime, from anywhere.


.. that’s why the digitalization of business has become necessary!

This will be particularly evident in the hotel industry, where in the future hotels will have to become technocratic places with intelligently integrated digital elements that will offer guests a unique experience. The trend will be the personalization of services, which will offer the guest exactly the kind of services they like, based on the information they have entrusted to the hotel in the past. The emphasis will therefore be on technological solutions that are available on all platforms and operating systems and that do not require much technical knowledge to install and use.

Another, but no less important aspect of digitalization in the hotel industry will be the digitalization of internal processes, which will make the hotel run faster, smoother and save time and money for both the hotel and employees.

digitalizacija poslovanja hotel Crowne Plaza

How do hotels deal with this in practice?

Even before the epidemic, the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade decided to roll up its sleeves and, with the help of partners HC Center and Canon Therefore, digitalize the processes that caused the most problems to the employees and management, consequently wasting time and money. Three areas posed a particular challenge to them:

  • Order forms: To control costs, each order form must be noted, examined and approved by four people or departments in the hotel, which is quite time-consuming.
  • Investment expenditure (CapEX): Investments above € 20,000 must be approved by the CEO and CFO. The certification was time-consuming.
  • Self-assessment of controls: Quality control is a complex area that covers the aspect of finance, procurement, and investment technology. It consists of 90 control questions that need to be answered regularly, which posed a significant time and organizational challenge for employees.

How has the hotel managed to digitalize all three important processes in less than a year with our help? The answer can be found in the case study: 👇

Case study – Hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade